Raw materials for food and cosmetics industry


A Retinol Palmitate , Retinol Acetate , Premix 500 TiE/g
Betacarotene - pure material min. 96 % (Pro-Vitamin A)
B1 Thiamin monohydrate and hydrochloride BP / EP
B2 Riboflavin , Riboflavin - 5 - Phosphat-Natrium
B 6 Pyridoxin hydrochloride BP / EP
B 12 Cyanokobalmine
C Ascorbic acid BP / EP , Ascorby Palmitate EP , USP
D 2 – Ergocalcifero EP / USP
D 3 Cholekalziferol 40 Mio i.u. BP/USP,also 100 T i.u. , 1 Mio. I.u. ,3,2 Mio.iu. , 500 T i.u. /g
D -Calcium-Pantothenate USP
E Tocopherol acetate - oil BP
Folic acid BP (Vitamin B9)
K 3 Menadion 99 % u. Menadion Sodium Bisulfite USP  water or oil soluble
Nicotinic acid / Nicotin amide BP  (Vitamin PP)
Rutin NF 11 , DAB 

Organic Acids , Salts for Preservation / Antioxidants

Adipic acid food grade
Ascorbic acid BP / Ph Eur
Benzoic acid food grade
Calcium gluconate , calcium propionate , Calcium fumarate , Calcium stearate
Butyl hydroxitoluene ( BHT )
Acetic acid anhydr. / 80 % / 96 % ig in bulk and tank containers
Ferrous Fumarate
Fumaric acid food grade / USP , also cold water soluble
Magnesium Stearate EP / USP
Potassium Benzoate BP / EP
Potassium Sorbate
Sodium Isoascorbate , Sodium ascorbate
Trisodium citrate (Dihydr.)
Sodium acetate - trihydrate and anhydrous / Sodium Diacetate
Sodium Benzoate , Sodium Gluconate
Potassium benzoate
Salicylic acid food grade / Ph Eur
Sorbic acid
Tartaric acid nat. Ph Eur
Citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous 

Special food products

Aspartame powder and granulated
Saccharin Sodium
Sodium cyclamate,
Lactose (techn. and pharma grade),
Lecithin – fluid and spray dried powder
Caffein anhydrous 
Mono Sodium Glutamate 30/60 mesh , fine crystalline
Gum Karaya , Gum Ghatti, Gum Guar ,Gum Arabic

Minerals / Dyestuffs / others

Ammonium hydrogencarbonate food grade
Ammonium sulphate, Ammonium chloride , Ammonium bromide
Calcium carbonate, Calcium chloride ,
Calcium Sulphate
Ferrous carbonate , Ferrous - II - Sulphate
Potassium carbonate
Potassium nitrate ,Potassium chloride, Potassium permanganate
Potassium phosphate (Potassiun pyrophosphate …. ) Potassium hydroxide
Magnesium carbonate , Magnesium hydroxide , Magnesium oxide ,
Magnesium chloride , Magnesium Sulphate
Sodium carbonate (Soda, light and dense)
Sodium chloride
Sodium hydroxide (Caustic soda fine pearls ( SODAGRAIN)
Sodium hydrogencarbonat pure , food and pharma grade – several seavings
Sodium nitrate , Sodium nitrite
Sodium phosphate (Sodium pyrophosphate , Sodium polyphosphate ..... )
Zinc oxide
Zinc carbonate
Zinc sulphate

BIOCHEM Bernburg products 

Salts and mixes of salts for production of Cheese Mineral salt mixes for several food and feed applications Baking agents (single and mixes as Baking powder ) Vitamin mixes for food applications

Cleaners for food machinery , Industrial cleaners ,
Anti – freeze products for industrial use