BIOCHEM Bernburg GmbH was founded in 1991 as trading and manufacturing company. Our fields of activities are in manufacturing of Dialysis products , Food supplements , Cosmetics as well as purchase and delivery of raw materials for manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, Food products, Feed products as well as Chemicals. These materials we purchase worldwide and we distribute them also worldwide.
As a direct importer with an experience of nearly 15 years we endeavour to provide to our clients an optimal quality at favourable prices. With this specific aim in view we keep Contact offices in Moscow (Russian Federation), Qingdao and Shanghai (China), Minsk (Belarus), Mumbai and Hyderabad (India), and in Arabic countries (Cairo, Abu Dhabi).
In our we have facilities for customs manufacturing according to the exact requirements of our clients (e.g. Cosmetics , Food products , Salts for cheese processing, Salts for Dialysis, Industrial cleaners, micronised products, solid and liquid mixed products). BIOCHEM Bernburg GmbH ist BIO certified (DE-ÖKO-034)
to handle ORGANIC products.

In that connection we are in a position to offer all products of our product range also in unusual packing sizes or exactly packed for the special use.

Our company follows the requirements of the Quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 , DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 and BIO-/ ECO Standard.

BIOCHEM Bernburg GmbH is a certified trader of Narcotics , finished forms of Pharmaceuticals as well as of special supervised industrial and pharmaceutical raw materials.